Familiarization with Khorasan Razavi mine house

The province’s mining house, in the implementation of clause (k) of article (5) of the law on the formation of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Iran (approved on March 15, 1369 and amended on December 15, 1373) and article 5 of the law on continuous improvement of the business environment and with the agreement and The supervision of the Iran Chamber was formed and registered and has an independent legal and financial personality and operates in a non-political and non-profit way.

Objectives and topic of activity:

House of Mines in order to organize relevant affairs and maintain balance and order and provide the possibility of more exploitation of investment and production, use and transfer of scientific and practical experiences of those involved and make it timely to achieve the legal goals of development in such cases, support improvement business environment and responding to problems and inadequacies within the framework of the relevant laws of the country and defending the rights and legitimate and legal interests of natural and legal persons, members of Razavi Khorasan Province Mining House with the subject of members’ activities such as production, import, export, mining, processing , mining industries, industry, etc. is formed according to the following provisions.

House of Mines is the only organization of the private sector for which the legislator has considered duties in the Mining Law.

– In the Mining Council (Paragraph 10, Article 12 of the Mining Law)

– Provincial Dispute Resolution Board (Repeated Article 24 of the Mining Law)

The main tasks that the provincial mining house is currently responsible for and performs.

– The responsibility of implementing the window of the mining unit for the first time in Iran in Khorasan Razavi province based on Note 4 of Article 24 of the Mining Law

– The establishment of a dispute resolution council in Khana Madanh by the decree of the Directorate General of Justice of the province under the title of Branch 3110 of the Dispute Resolution Council Associates located in Khana Madanh for specialized cases

– The head of the mining and natural resources working group, under the facilitation and elimination of production obstacles headquarters, by obtaining the approval of the facilitation headquarters and approving the style sheet with the approval of the then governor (and the presence of the minister of peace at the time, except in that meeting and his approval in that approval)

– The head of the interaction group with natural resources with the delegation of authority of Samat organization

– HSEE training of mines in an executive manner and presence in the mine with qualified professors and delegated by Samat organization

– Holding and sponsoring specialized exhibitions (this year’s Bahman is also planned) and participating in foreign exhibitions.

– The main member of the small-scale mining revitalization committee

– Advisory services and participation in the meetings of Samat organization in the affairs of mines and mineral industries

– Formation of specialized committees in the field of different groups of minerals

– Training and specialized consulting services in all fields of exploration, extraction, processing and legal, free of charge to members and with the help of university professors.

– Helping to attract investors and introduce the products of the applicants to the domestic and foreign markets

– Implementation of other articles of the statute which are described in the attached sheet.